Watch Your Waste e-Museum

It’s really all about cause and effect. When we consume, we waste.

All over the world, levels of consumption are unsustainable. Garbage dumps, landfills, environmental pollutions – they are all imposing an increasingly heavy burden on our world. Most of us never see the enormous amounts of trash that we, as a society, produce, or how our daily consumption practices contribute to the issue.

The Children’s Museum Jordan and the Arab American National Museum have joined forces to engage Jordanian and American youth to create the Watch Your Waste e-Museum! An online platform, the Watch Your Waste e-Museum will be a sharing portal, relying on stories from people like you to bring awareness to the issue.

How We Do It

Throughout this project, children aged 12 – 14 years from both countries will work together to examine their own consumption practices, research past ways of dealing with waste, and creating new solutions to today’s environmental problem. Children in both countries will receive digital cameras to produce photographs and videos as they document their consumption practices and resultant waste. Then they’ll expand their circle, looking into their family’s practices, their school and their community. Children will also discover how garbage has changed over time, interviewing older family or community members. Lastly, each student will come up with their bright, new idea on how best to tackle today’s waste epidemic.

The Watch Your Waste e-Museum is as much an awareness program as it is a cultural and knowledge exchange program. ideas, as well as their documentation along the way, will all be shared on the website and other various social media platforms. Both groups of in Jordan and the US will also be able to talk about their different findings in their respective countries via facilitate Skype sessions.

In Jordan, the project will be delivered through private schools, public schools, community development organizations and the Children’s Museum’s Sekrab Club.
For a list of participating institutions, click [here].

The Watch Your Waste e-Museum is made possible through a grant awarded by the Museums & Community Collaboration Abroad (MCCA) and the American Association of Museums (AAM). The grant is supported by the US Department of State’s Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau.*

*The opinions, findings and conclusions stated herein are those of the author[s] and do not necessarily reflect those of the US Department of State.